July 30, 1726

1726 July 30 (Saturday).  The frequent showers so Engaged Everyone about his Corn and Hay that it was no Easy matter to Obtain Help.  It was with great Difficulty I got Neighbor Clark and his son to Shock my grain, which having layn long in the Field in all weathers and a threatening storm nigh, I was Restless till the Grain my Chief Dependance was upon [was] Secur’d.  Shall I note here the Answers given by Two persons that my wife remark’d when she sent to Neighbor Clarks for assistance.  Neighbor Clarks grain was upon Spoil and he was reaping it.  He had Many (I think Ten) load of Hay that had been very long in cock in the Meadows and must be Tho’t to be rotting.  Himself lame in his hand, besides his common lameness in his Leggs.  His Son, who was all his Help, had hurt his ancle, and therefore he directed the messinger to ask Neighbor Maynard who had his own, his sons David, Jesse, Josham, Jonathan and Ebenezer’s Help, though one or Two of the last were not like the others.  His Business in Good forwardness.  He [Maynard] Replys when my Grass and Corn will move into my Barn without hands I’ll leave it to Help Mr. Parkman — not before.  The Messenger returns to Neighbor Clark.  He answers what shall I do?  My own is really Suffering and Everything is backward for want of a Team, for I have none and can get none, But he is Labouring for our Souls and why Shall I refuse? and came away.