July 7, 1726

1726 July 7 (Thursday).  In the Morn I found that Two Young Gentlemen had waited upon the forementioned Ladies but Despairing of Room in the House, never Enquir’d and roll’d into the Barn.  Yet one was Sir Clark[1] one of the Orators; the other Mr. Woodbridge,[2] son of Governor Woodbridge[3] of the Asiento Company in the West Indies.  It was Dark weather but pleasant Company particularly Mrs. Gains, with whom I chiefly confin’d my Conversation.  About Ten I return’d over to the Town.  I met Mrs. Porter who had just before had a turn of Illness and was coming out of Colledge to take the Air.  She Desir’d me to walk with her.  I embraced the opportunity, and (with her Sister, Two Miss Charnocks[4] and their Gentlemen Mr. Baxter[5] and Mr. Baker[6]) we walk’d round the Common, a long walk for an ill Man and a woman but half reviv’d.  We lodged Safe at Sir Balch’s[7] and I bid them Adieu for I was Oblig’d to hasten to Boston, to finish the Rest of my Business.  I did so and Returned back to Cambridge.  I waited on Sir Clark, and gave up the Cause.  I retir’d to Father Champneys again and was much Diverted by the Facetious Company of Mrs. Gain.

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[2]Benjamin Woodbridge (Harvard 1728).  Sibley, VIII, 533-535.

[3]Judge Dudley Woodbridge of Barbados.

[4]Elizabeth and Mary, daughters of John and Mary Charnock of Cambridge or Boston.

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