July 4, 1726

1726 July 4 (Monday).  I rode away to Mr. Brecks,[1] who acquainted me with what was done last association.  Especially referring to Mr. McKinstrys[2] Cause, and Mr. Barretts[3] with Mr. How.  Thence I rode to Mr. Woods.  Thence to Mr. Cooks where I din’d on fry’d Pigeons.  Thence to Livermores, from whence to Father Champney’s.[4]  My Journey hither was very Tedious but I proceeded to Boston.  Through my illness I was very much tired.  Brother John,[5] I was informed was ready to sail for Dublin in a vessel belonging to the Family.  Brother Alexanders[6] wife Last week was Delivered of a Daughter.[7]

[1]Reverend Robert Breck of Marlborough.

[2]Reverend John McKinstry of Sutton. Benedict and Tracey, Sutton, pp. 32-35.

[3]Reverend Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[4]Samuel Champney, Sr., Parkman’s father-in-law.

[5]Parkman’s brother-in-law, John Tyley.

[6]Parkman’s older brother, Alexander.

[7]Esther Parkman, born June 29, 1726.