July 19, 1726

1726 July 19 (Tuesday).  Molly grew worse by a vomiting flux; the Morning very grievous.  I sent Phinehas Hardy[1] to Mr. Barrett who sent us Some plaisters and more Tent.  She was somewhat better in the Afternoon; by various Applications the Flux Stay’d till night.  Mrs. Thurston[2] watch’d.  These Dayes I could do little besides reading Mr. Shepherds Sincere Convert[3] and Dr. Edward’s Exercitations Critic. Philosoph. Historic Theog. on Some S.S.  Martha Becom an Indian came.[4]

[1]Of Westborough.

[2]Mrs. Joseph Thurston of Westborough.

[3]Thomas Shepherd, The Sincere Convert, Discovering the Small Number of True Believers, and the Great Difficulty of Saving Conversion (Cambridge, 1664).

[4]One of the works of John Edwards, D.D. (1637-1716), the English divine.  Parkman possessed several of the books of Edwards.  See DeForest and Bates, Westborough, pp. 73-75.  [Addition to Walett’s footnote: John Edwards, Exercitations Critical, Philosophical, Historical, Theological: on Several Important Places in the Writings of the Old and New Testament.  In Two Parts (London, 1702).]