July 20, 1726

1726 July 20 (Wednesday).  And this morning Joshua Misco[1] and his Squa howed my Corn.  I went in the Afternoon to seek Labourers.  At Peres Rice’s[2] was one Stearns[3] of Sutton, who was full of inconsistance about the Affairs of Mr. McKinstry and the Doctrines he had delivered.  When I came home my wife had been (tho’ without any the least Reason) very much affrighted with the Indians, and full fear of what they might do.  And yet there was no greater peace and good Temper than they Demonstrated and went away soberly to their Lodging in the neighborhood.  She was not well pleas’d with her Mother; and left with me Notwithstanding Necessity call’d me forth; and I took a Season when Company was with her.  But the Weakness of her Body brought strange apprehensions in the mind.

[1]One of the Indian proprietors of Hassanamisco.

[2]Perez Rice of Westborough.

[3]Either Ebenezer Stoms or Samuel Stearns.