July 6, 1726

1726 July 6 (Wednesday).  Commencement.  I was much of a stranger at College, but my indispositions much prevented my making my Observations.  The Batchelours had their Degrees in the Meeting house in the Morning.  But there was so much rain at noon that the masters Disputations were in College-Hall and their Degrees given them in the Afternoon.  I was at Sir Bridghams[1] Chamber at Dinner but I was not fit for any Conversation through my Lifelessness.  I was desir’d by Mr. Barrett to Meet here with our Association upon Mr. McKinstrys Cause, But no body came.  Mr. Breck led me to Sir Saltonstalls[2] Chamber where there being little Company I had most Quiet.  It was a very rainy Time which kept the Town full of People, full of Jollitys and no one knows what.  At Night having borrowed a Large Sturdy Coat I ventured over to Father Champney’s but it was very wet, uncomfortable.  Here was Cousin Dorcas Bows[3] and Susan Champney.[4]  We lodg’d Comfortably.  But a little after midnight Mrs. Jerusha Fairweather and Mrs. Mary Gain Came over.  I was awoke but they concluded I was asleep, and therefore I was never Troubled.

[1]James Bridgham (Harvard 1726).  Sibley, VIII, 7-10.

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[3]Mrs. Parkman’s cousin.

[4]Susanna Champney, daughter of Joseph Champney, and Mrs. Parkman’s cousin.