July 8, 1726

1726 July 8 (Friday).  About Ten (as I remember) I took horse for home, Mother Champney[1] being with me.  I was become much better and my Journey was Much Easier than I (fearfully) Expected it would be.  We came home very Safely.  (Deo Optimo Salvatori Gratas quam plurimas.)  Asher Rice had been here at work (Mowing).  When I had been at home sometime and had Contented my Self with my appointment with Mr. Cushing to Change.  I was Surpriz’d to hear that his Arm was very bad and he gone or going to Narragansett, upon which I was driven to Compose Discourses for Sabbath Day.  But I was in a flutter and could write but four lines.  I Examined myself concerning my Negligence.  I considered my Journey as Necessary to seek advice touching my Health; that I had no Opportunity or Strength; and the Divine Providence intervening and removing the means of my assistance I had the more Solid grounds to proceed to Entreat the Divine Help.

[1]Mrs. Samuel Champney, Parkman’s mother-in-law.