July 5, 1726

1726 July 5 (Tuesday).  I was about various Concerns but I was very faint and incapable of Business.  I was at Mather Byles’s[1] and he show’d me (at my Request) his Poem to Mr. Dowding on his Verses of Eternity, Sent in a Letter to Sir Byles.  This Poem was published in the Courant No. _____.[2]  He repeated his own and Mr. Adams’s[3] Poems on Captain Winslow[4] deceas’d with all which I was very well pleas’d.  I was at various places but I was not well in Either.  I was very much afflicted with the Oppressions at my Stomach.  I was with Dr. [Louis] Dalhonde.

[1]Mather Byles (Harvard 1725), poet, humorist, minister of the Hollis St. Church, Boston, 1732-1776.  Sibley, VII, 464-493.  For information on Byles’ poetry see the Introduction by C. Lennart Carlson in the 1940 facsimile edition of Byles’ Poems on Several Occasions (Boston, 1744).

[2]The New England Courant, No. 237, published in Boston.  Dowding may have been Joseph, b. 1702.

[3]John Adams (Harvard 1721), poet, minister and classmate of Parkman.  Sibley, VI, 424-427.

[4]Captain Josiah Winslow (Harvard 1721) was the commander of a fort on St. George’s River in Maine, and was killed in an Indian engagement April 30, 1724.  Sibley, VI, 587-589.  Byles’ poem was printed in his Poems on Several Occasions (Boston, 1744), and Adams’ in his Poems on Several Occasions (Boston, 1745).