August 22, 1723

1723 August 22 (Thursday).  I Set away for Larnard’s[1] at Waterton where I had appointed to meet with Mr. Shattuck at 12 o’Clock.  He was not Come.  I Sat down and waited for him till he came.  We began our Journey from this Tavern about 1/2 after 12; to Mr. Willsons where by Two.  Thence at 1/2 after Two to Mr. Swift’s[2] by 4.  Thence at 5 to My assign’d Landlords, Mr. Maynard’s[3] by dark.  Prayers Ended I went to my Bed and Lodged (with Mr. Chandler of Concord, a House Carpenter, at work in finishing the Meeting house) very comfortably.

[1]Thomas Learned, tavern keeper.

[2]Reverend John Swift of Framingham (Harvard 1697).  Sibley, IV, 387-390.

[3]David Maynard, an original settler at Westborough.  A manuscript volume of Westborough Church Records, kept by Ebenezer Parkman and later ministers, is preserved by the Westborough Historical Society.  At the beginning of this Parkman made a list of the first settlers of the town.  The list is printed in Heman P. DeForest and Edward C. Bates, History of Westborough (Westborough, 1891), p. 4.