August 9, 1723

1723 August 9 (Friday).  Returned to Worcester.  We call’d to See Captain Jones[1] but he was not at home.  Here I had the Information by a Dispensation of Providence in the Burning of the House of Captain Keys[2] of Shrewsbury with 3 of his Sons and Two workmen finishing the house in it.  It broke out about Midnight.  I visited Mr. Gershom Rice[3] (the Man that first Invited me up) and Thence Strait home.  Old Mr. Gray[4] and Mr. Flagg were to see me.  Lieutenant Lee being gone to Boston, It was very lonely During his Absence, for he was Sociable.

[1]Captain Nathaniel Jones.

[2]Captain John Keyes (1675-1768).  The three sons were Solomon, John and Stephen.  The carpenter’s apprentices were Abiel Bragg and William Oakes.  See The Boston News-Letter, Aug. 15, 1723.

[3]Gershom Rice (1666-1768), the second settler of Worcester, who arrived m 1715.  Lincoln, Worcester, pp. 40-41.

[4]John Gray, an early proprietor.