August 3, 1723

1723 August 3 (Saturday).  In the Morning about 8 (having been Kindly entertain’d) I again Set out for Mr. Jenison’s[1] where I had appointed to Meet Mr. Rice, From thence I had more Company, viz. Mr. Golding[2] (brother to Mrs. Jenison).[3]  We set out about 10.  We stop’d at Sundry Taverns (which particularly I do not remember) before we got to Mr. Bricks[4] of Marlborough; here I was well received though I never was in the least acquainted with the Gentleman til now.  N.B. we arriv’d here by 1/4 after one and Set out between 3 and 4, having stop’d Twice or Thrice more, jolted and tired, I entered Lieutenant Lee’s[5] house at Worcester where I was Kindly received by Deacon Haywood,[6] etc.  With Pains in my Head and a Sore Throat I went to Bed.

[1]William Jennison (1676-1744) of Sudbury.  Later he moved to Worcester and became Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

[2]Either Windsor Golding (b. 1675) or Thomas Golding (b. 1678).

[3]Elizabeth (Golding) Jennison (1673-1756).

[4]Reverend Robert Breck (1682-1731), (Harvard 1700).  Minister at Marlborough, 1704-1731.  Sibley, IV, 515-518.

[5]Lieutenant Henry Lee.

[6]Daniel Heywood (1695-1773).  An early settler of Worcester, selectman for 20 years, and an officer in an early military company.  William Lincoln, History of Worcester (Worcester, 1837), p. 42.