August 15, 1723

1723 August 15 (Thursday).  Very Early we prepared (viz. by Prayers, Eating, etc.), and Set out.  Stop’d at Jenisons.[1]  We call’d again at Willsons,[2] and next at Warham William’s,[3] who had been Sick very lately.  We din’d at Each’s.  Thence to Boston, But at Charleston Mr. Rice parted with me.  I invited him home with me, but he had Business for an avocation.  At home I found My Sister Elius[4] (as we Sometimes call her) with a Child that was born the Fourth of this Instant.  We Miss’d of being at Lecture, but I walked up to Mr. Edwards’s Shop to hear the News, and see my Friends.  At Night our Society Met at Barretts, at which I first pray’d and Mr. Eliot[5] Discoursed from James 1.5, and I Concluded.  Thence I went to my Father’s where I Lodged.

[1]Also in Sudbury.

[2]Probably Nathaniel Willson in Sudbury.

[3]Reverend Warham Williams of Waltham (Harvard 1719).  Sibley, VI, 361-364.

[4]Elizabeth (Weld) Parkman, wife of Ebenezer’s brother Elias.  The child was Elizabeth.

[5]Jacob Eliot of Boston (Harvard 1720), minister of the Third Church, Lebanon, Conn., 1729-1766.  Sibley, VI, 380-382.