August 2, 1723

1723 August 2 (Friday).  I bid farewel at home in the Morning, and walked up to Cambridge in my Boots and Spurs in order to go to Worcester.  Mr. Sturgeon[1] of Waterton (a Scotch minister) his Case pleaded to Day at the Cambridge Sessions.  I din’d at Mrs. Bordman’s.[2]  Just after Dinner in the College Yard I met with Young Mr. Thomas Rice[3] from Worcester to accompany me up there.  I prepar’d and rode away to Mr. Champney’s,[4] where with sitting, etc., we tarried till near 4 o’Clock before we Set out.  We reach’d to Lieutenant Jones’s[5] at Weston (where I lodg’d) just before Dark.

[1]‘Robert Sturgeon, minister of an independent Congregational Church, Watertown, Mass., 1721-1722.

[2]Probably Mary Bordman, who was licensed to sell liquors.

[3]Thomas Rice (1701/2-1785).

[4]Samuel Champney, Sr., Parkman’s future father-in-law.

[5]Lieutenant Josiah Jones, one of the founders of the town of Weston.