August 17, 1723

1723 August 17 (Saturday).  Being Saturday, Mrs. Elizabeth Nutting[1] and I rode to Concord.  We baited at Muzzie’s[2] at Lexington.  Our visit was to Major Prescot;[3] where we were well received.  I had a Note in the Evening to preach all Day tomorrow from Mr. Whiting. [4] But though press’d very hard by the Major and Madame also to Comply, I wholly and vigorously Deny’d.

[1]Mrs. Jonathan Nutting of Cambridge.

[2]Benjamin Muzzy (1680-1764).

[3]Jonathan Prescott of Concord.

[4]Reverend John Whiting of Concord (Harvard 1700).  Sibley, IV, 532-535.