August 8, 1723

1723 August 8 (Thursday).  There was a Raising of an House, a Suiting Diversion for Mr. Rice, while Mr. McKinstry, his wife and I took a Ride to Oxford to See Mr. Cambell.[1]  This is Six Miles and 1/2.  This was very diverting, and I found Mrs. Cambel[2] in pretty Good Humour.  We had a good Contrivance in or going to a Water Melon house, for Mrs. Cambel must ride upon the Easyest-going horse which was Mr. McKinstry’s, and So my old Friend must ride with me.  This was a lucky Stroke to bring me an opportunity to discourse of Matters and things formerly in Requests.  She was more Contented with her Irish Mate than I expected to find her.  She said he was a good-natur’d Soul indeed, and She wanted Nothing on Earth but to be a little nearer her Friends.  She Desir’d I would come and live at Worcester, etc.  Mr. McKinstry, his Wife and I returned to Sutton just about Dark.  N.B. We pray’d in the Family by Turns.

[1]Reverend John Campbell (1691-1761), first minister of the First Congregational Church, Oxford, Mass., 1721-1761.  George F. Daniels, History of Oxford (Oxford, 1892), pp. 49-52.

[2]Esther Whittle, Wheatly, or Whately of Boston, who married the Reverend Mr. Campbell, Feb. 6, 1722.  Daniels, Oxford, p.426.