August 16, 1723

1723 August 16 (Friday).  Mr. Barrett and Mr. Rice (My Companion down) came to See me; and they acquainted me with the Sad Story of Mr. Willard[1] and Four Children of Mr. Stevens[2] of Rutland taken Yesterday by the Indians.  In the Close of the Day I walked to Cambridge.

[1]Reverend Joseph Willard, while out hunting game, was killed by the Indians, Aug. 14, 1723.  Sibley, VII, 650-651.

[2]Deacon Joseph Stevens.  On Aug. 14,1723, two sons, Samuel and Joseph, were killed, and two others, Phinehas and Isaac, were taken captive.  Francis E. Blake, Rutland & the Indian Troubles of 1723-1730 (Worcester, 1886), p. 7.