August 24, 1769

1769 August 24 (Thursday).  Wrote to Master John Eliot, and sent therewith the Life of the renowned Eliot, per Enoch Rice.  Visit Mr. Moses Brigham; dined there: Prayed with him.  Meet Mr. Phineas Hardy in the Road as I was endeavoring to go to the Widow Persis Warrin, to talk with her about Sending her son Moses to live at Ashby.  Rode back with Mr. Hardy to Mr. Beetons, Mr. Phinehas Maynards, Capt. Maynards, etc.  The last has commenced Inn-holder.  Between 9 and 10 o’Clock at Night came Mr. Timothy Ruggles from Rochester with Letters from Mrs. P______, Mr. Moore, and Suse, who is not yet o’ Bed, and praying I would defer my Journey there, till first or second Week in September.  He lodges here.  The Letters dated yesterday.