August 23, 1769

1769 August 23 (Wednesday).  My Son Samuel having left his Request relative to his keeping Mr. Barns’s Store, I rode down to Marlborough.  Breakfast at Mr. Barns’s, conferred with him on the Business and wrote to Samuel by Dr. Crosby, that if the way was clear with respect to Mr. Capon, and it Should appear to be for his Benefit (or to Such purpose) I was willing.  Sent also by Mr. Sumner to Mrs. Holbrook for the Laboratory.  Visit Mr. Smith, and dine with him.  Take Advice of him respecting Samuels Undertaking.  Call at Squire Brighams and at George’s with respect to an Horse he has to sell.  Returning Home call at Edmund Brighams to make him a Visit, but he was gone to Boston.  Am very pensive on Samuels Affair.  Write to him again by Mr. Moses Harrington of Grafton.  May God be pleased to grant Wisdom!  Enoch Rice of Brookfield came to me, and confessed freely his Evil Conduct and saucy Language when he contested with me last Year: and asks forgivness, upon which I forgave him.  May God forgive!