August 12, 1769

1769 August 12 (Saturday).  Sarah not much better.  Has Vomited Several Times.  I gave her Sal Absynthii.  May God be grac[torn] for her!  I went to the Doctors for Sarah, but she does not vomit sin[torn] of womwood [sic].  John Arnold brings a Letter from Mr. [torn] dated the 8th giving me account of his own being ill of a [torn] requesting me to go to Brookfield to preach th[torn] row; whereas Mr. Hutchinson depends upon me, Since I have [torn] word to the Contrary.  But Sarah’s Illness forb[torn] not able to set up any longer then while her B[torn] P.M. Temple asks me to Consent to his joi[torn] Men in their Meeting.  After Some Discourse [torn] Charge, and Solemn Caution, I consent.  [torn] Sincere, and Grace to be stedfast!  Rode to Gr[torn].