August 11, 1769

1769 August 11 (Friday).  Finish the 2d.  Though there are Dangers by the Softnesses in these Books and Young people had need beware, yet there are in this work, some strong and worthy Sentiments; and it exhibits a most affecting Tragedy!  It holds forth also a lively Picture of the utter uncertainty of human Enjoyments and Dependencys.  “Boast not thy Self of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a Day may bring forth”!  This divine passage might with great propriety be inserted; but Such Authors are afraid of having their Works smell of Christianity and the Word of God.  My Daughter Sarah, who is So much my Comfort, and Guide of the House now her Mother is gone, grows ill; goes to bed before Dark.  She is Worse.  After I was got to Bed, She wants to see me.  She has been so sick as to Vomit some Number of Times.  I call John to go to the Doctor.  Temple readily offers to go — and the Doctor Came, leaves various Things, besides an Anodyne.  It is nigh 11 in the Night when he leaves us.