September 1, 1769

1769 September 1 (Friday).  Sophy is better.  I wrote to Mr. Barns of Marlborough concerning my Consent to my Son Samuels going to Northfield, that it was on Condition that I be not any Way exposed by it; but wholly indemnifyed.  Mrs. Tainter Sends an Horse for Sarah and she goes there, dines, and returns at Evening.  Neighbour Daniel Adams comes in at Eve, and I Suppose to acquaint me that his Wife, who was long weakly, low and dying, is brought to bed, and has a Daughter, to their great Joy.  Both Mother and Child in an hopefull Way.  Would bring it to Baptism next Sabbath.

September 3, 1769

1769 September 3 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 1.  Preached on 1 Cor. 15.50 and though it was long, and I was obliged to speak fast, I could not divide it, nor would it do for two Exercises.  But the Things are vast and important.  May my own Heart be deeply impressed with them.  P.M. delivered another Exercise on Tit. 1.1., improving mainly from p. 13 to 20 of Sermon on Gal. 5.6.

September 4, 1769

1769 September 4 (Monday).  Visit Mr. Moses Brigham again and pray with him.  Engage Lieut. Baker and Neighbour Newton to plow my North Field.  Visit the Wife of Mr. Joseph Green junr. who is sick, and pray with her.  P.M. The Artillery Company trains.  They send for me, and I prayed with them.  Mrs. Maynard and her Sister [Davis?] visit us, and drink Tea.  Mrs. Hawes here also.

September 5, 1769

1769 September 5 (Tuesday).  Rose early enough to view the Comet.  It appeared nigh Orion’s Shoulder, and with a great Stream from the Nucleus to the West: longer, I think, then ever I saw.  Undertook my Journey to Rochester to wait on Mrs. P______ home.  Got to Mr. Barretts before their Breakfast or prayer.  Mr. Samuel Barrett of Boston and two sisters there.  Rode by Mr. Isaac Lorings, by Mr. Aaron Ponds, and Hill’s in Medway.  Dined at Mr. Timothy Haws’s in Wrentham.  Visit Mr. Bean and Mrs. Simpson, [reach?] Mr. Palmers, at Norton and lodge there.

September 6, 1769

1769 September 6 (Wednesday).  Sat out from Mr. Palmers and got to Taunton unhappily at a Time when the great Bridge was taken up, and was obliged to go ‘round by the Ware-Bridge.  But had been kindly received and entertained by Robert Luscomb Esq.  Was also generously entertained at [blank] Dean’s, Taverner, where Oated and dined (gratis).  Stopped a While at Mr. Turners, minister of Middleborough and Taunton-Precinct.  Missed my Road and go by Mr. Thomas Wests Meeting House.  Go to See him.  Arrive at Mr. Moore’s after sun setting.  Find that my Daughter had been delivered on Aug. 29 about half after nine a.m.  Was baptized Sept. 3, Susanna-Parkman.  The Mother and Child in great Comfort.  Blessed be God therefor!  [blot] Mrs. P______ was not there at my first arrival: Mr. Moore and She had gone the Day before to Sandwich to visit her Kinsman Williams.  After a while they came in; and it was matter of Praise to God that we have this Opportunity to rejoice together.  D.G. Plurim.

September 13, 1769

1769 September 13 (Wednesday).  Mr. Moore, Mrs. P______ and I, Sat out together for Taunton: Call at Capt. Whites, (who has generously kept my Horse).  I provide Mr. Moore an Horse (@ 20/) to draw the Chaise which my Wife rides in, of one Mr. Freeman.  We refreshed at Mr. Turners, of Middleborough.  Dined at Deacon Luscombe’s: where were Dr. McKinstry etc.  Parted with Mr. Moore there.  Arrive at Mr. Palmers before Night (where were Mr. Campbil and Wife of Easton).  We lodged there.

September 14, 1769

1769 September 14 (Thursday).  Continue our Journey to Wrentham.  Call at Mrs. Simpsons.  We unhappily mistook a New Road we went in toward Medway, to be wrong when it was the right; and our returning cost us a great deal of Time.  At length got to Mr. Bucknams and dined there: borrowed of him Dr. Stillingfleets Origines Sacrae.  Called at Mr. Locks.  Mr. Lock ill of a Fever.  Lodge at Col. Buckminsters.  N.B. Letters from Mr. Keggell, in England to his Mother.

September 15, 1769

1769 September 15 (Friday).  Coll. lends me Mr. Bollans Book on Continued Corruption etc.  Breakfast at Mr. Stone’s.  Arrive at home in safety a.m. and Find all well, both of my House and Neighbourhood.  Blessed be God for His great Goodness!  But am informed that the Pulpit was Vacant last Sabbath, though Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury came (instead of Mr. Edward Goddard) to preach, but was so Pained in his Face that he returned home.  A very Sorrowful Occurrence happened about or a little before noon at Lt. Bakers.  His little Daughter Lydia, of 16 months, fell into a Tub of Whey, and was suffocated.  I hastened up.  Tobacco Smoke was blown up into her.  I ordered Salt and she was covered over with it, but all means were ineffectual.  I prayed with them.  Sarah informs me that Alexander and two of his Sturbridge Neighbours with their Wives were here on Monday last week, and lodged.  He went to Framingham.  That Mrs. Allen of Shrewsbury was here lately; and had taken Mr. Henry on the Evang. and Acts with her.  Mrs. Cushing came with her: and they brought Dorcas Bradford to tarry with us.  Cousen Thomas Barrett waits upon sister Lydia Champney here.  Mr. Joseph Perry of Ashburnham, here.

September 20, 1769

1769 September 20 (Wednesday).  Deacon Woods and I rode to Worcester.  Dined at the Tavern by the Court-House, with Mr. Beeman.  Rev. Mr. Lawrence of Lincoln, Mr. Morse etc. dined there likewise.  Attended the Court p.m.  Such waste of Time is very uneasy to me.  Mr. Lawrence and I rode to Capt. Curtis’s for Lodging and were very kindly received and generously entertained.  Mr. Whitney preached my Lecture.

September 22, 1769

1769 September 22 (Friday).  Returned to Court.  Two Criminals were brought to the Bar for Stealing and pleaded Guilty.  Mr. Beemans Case was called; a Number of Witnesses were sworn.  Mr. Lawrence and I were Sworn together.  I gave my Testimony as near as I could according to what I had, with all Care, Written.  I dined at Mr. Maccartys again.  P.M. Mr. Beeman gave up, and bore the Costs.  He paid me 8/ L.M.  N.B. Informed that Mr. Ammiel Weeks of Brookfield is Dead.  Deacon Wood and I rode home together as we went.

September 28, 1769

1769 September 28 (Thursday).  We expected Company earlier than came.  At length came Mr. Cushing.  Afterwards my Son Ebenezer, Mr. Forbes, and in their New Chaise his Wife and Daughter with Sister Lydia Champney.  By and by Mr. Hancock of Cambridge.  My Daughter Sarah was marryed at Evening.  Mr. Forbes prayed after the Covenant.  Sung part of Dr. Watts’s Ps. 45.  May God accept our Solemnitys!  And make this Couple very happy; and a great Blessing!  To us All!  Mr. Hancock went to Deacon Woods to lodge.  Mr. Forbes to his Sister Kendals, and Ebenezer to his Brother Bonds.