August 10, 1769

1769 August 10 (Thursday).  Have writ to my Wife at Rochester in answer to hers of the 1st.  Write to Mr. Gray about the Feathers, that he mayn’t wonder that I ha’n’t sent.  Write to Mrs. Holbrook for the Laborator.  Send by Mr. Moses Harrington.  Miss Kezia goes back to her uncle Morse’s.  At Eve Lieut. Baker, at my Desire, calls here.  I again Apply to him for an Horse instead of what I have.  He Says he has none that will do.  But says he is ready to take this again, as Soon as I can get one that will Suit me better.  A Letter from Mr. Hutchinson desiring to Change next Sabbath.  One of my Daughters, having borrowed of Mr. Whitney the History of Lady Julia Mandeville in 2 small Volumes, I run through the first.