July 24, 1768

1768 July 24 (Sunday).  Mr. Whitney kindly came from Northborough to preach for me: his Father being come to keep Sabbath at his Place, and preach for him.  I read Jer. 28 a.m., Rom. 1 p.m.  Mr. Whitney preached a. and p.m. on Gen. 6.3.  Which many God grant may be of saving Advantage to us!  After the Exercises the Brethren of the Church were stopped, according to adjournment to consider Deacon Woods Case.  Deacon asked leave for his Wife to be present, which was granted.  He offered a Paper containing a Confession of Incontinence and Unchastity — of Breach of the Seventh Commandment, which was read.  I asked him and then her, in presence of the Church, whether we were to understand thereby the Sin of Fornication?  and they answered yes.  A number of Expressions in the Confession were excepted against, as tending to palliate and Smooth things in an unsafe Manner.  The Deacon desired me in his own and Wife’s Name to make certain Alterations which were proposed and which he and She consented to.  It was agreed that with those alterations and if it be read next Lords Day before the Congregation, the Church accepts it, and they are restored to Charity — and he is also expected to Continue in his Office.  These were Voted, I think, unanimously, and They were likewise desired to Speak if there was any thing on the Contrary: but nothing was offered.  After Prayer we were dismissed with Blessing.  However when I spoke to the Deacon as we were coming out of the Meeting House, of Peace and Reconcilement between him and me, he hesitated somewhat — till I insisted that we must be in perfect Love and Harmony — then upon such insisting, he gave me his Hand.