July 18, 1768

1768 July 18 (Monday).  I was much worryed yesterday, and had but a poor night and faint morning.  Sent John to Mr. Hawkins at Northborough for a blew, Cloth Coat which he has made for me: and he brings it.  Had a Young Mare of Lt. Baker to try in my Journey.  Sat out about 11 a.m.  Dined at Mr. Stones, who tells me Deacon Wood was there early this morning to advise with him upon his Case; and that he plainly Counselled him to make a Public Confession.  I called at Coll. Buckminsters.  Proceeded to Mr. Brown’s, where Alex is at work.  It being late in the Day I went no farther than Mr. Roberts’s at Weston, where I lodged.