August 1, 1768

1768 August 1 (Monday).  Alexander Stimson and my Son John, with Mr. Thaddeus War[illegible] go to my Maynard swamp to mowe.  I went to carry ‘em their Dinner; but John has cut himself with his scyth and taken off part of the Ball of one of his great Toes.  Was at Mr. David Maynards and at Mr. Pratts, by reason of the Rain.  Read Dr. Burnets Theory Vol. 2, Book 3, Ch. 12, and am much impressed with it.  May God grant the Impressions may be yet Stronger, and abiding!  O how Stupid the world, but especially I my self am, though Such vast, awful and terrible Things are coming; and all Earthly Things are so empty and so transitory.  Ruth Bellows Lodges here.

August 6, 1768

1768 August 6 (Saturday).  Mr. Steward here.  Dines with us.  Acquaints me with the sitting of a Council last week at Harvard.  They were the Churches of Stow, Littleton, Chelmsford, Bolton, 2d in Lancaster, and Groton.  The Result advises to the Dismission of Mr. Wheeler, if the people pay him the sum of 200£ Lawful for his Damages, which they vote, so that he is dismissed.

August 8, 1768

1768 August 8 (Monday).  It is a Time of Trouble and Loss with me by the frequent Rains.  Several Acres of Rye reaped and exposed not only to the Weather, but Cattle, my Oxen and Cows have unhappily broke in upon the Stukes and torn them to Pieces.  About half a Dozen Load of Hay at the Maynard Swamp, much of which we Should have got in before the sabbath: also what was lately mowed in my own new Swamp was fit to be carryed into the Barn, but is soaked by the heavy Showers — and to Day the Weather is such that none of it can be touched — but Richard Temple goes to reaping down more, though its showry and cant be gathered.  Yet all is good which God Sends!  Ruth Bellows works here to Day.

August 10, 1768

1768 August 10 (Wednesday).  A great stir about altering or adding to the County Roads through this Town.  A Committee, viz. Squire Steel, Henshaw and Davis, are viewing the Roads from Wor’ster Meeting House and South of Wor’ster Pond, down by Capt. Brooks, and that by Squire Whipples; And Capt. Brooks, Lieutenant Baker, and Ensign Asa Brigham are measuring.  They proceed as far as Mr. Nurse’s Corner.  Squire Whipple is also with them that Measure.

August 14, 1768

1768 August 14 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 31.  Preached on 1 Tim. 3.16.  May God grant His Special Blessing!  N.B. In the Close I was fervent and raised my Voice on Occasion of citing Act. 13.48, but instead of our glorifying the word of the Lord many Seemed to be Sound asleep.  Mr. Thomas Twitchels weakly wife dined here.  P.M. read Rom. 4 and preached upon it, especially had the 16 v. in view.  In the Night a storm rose.

August 15, 1768

1768 August 15 (Monday).  Between 1 and 2 o’Clock called up Alex. and John who with a Lanthorn went to the Barn to take Care of some Hay that lay exposed — but they could not do much, the Storm came on and we went to Bed again.  Send by Elisha Forbes, two of Mr. Forbes’s MSS., viz. on Act. 17.23 and on Mat. 22.42 to be conveyed to him from Capt. Wolcotts.  P.M. had purposed to go to Northborough but am prevented — go only as far as Mr. Jonathan Hows to get him to hew Timber for me.  And visit Mr. John Maynard who is Sick of a Fever.  I discoursed with him of the most serious Concerns.  They treated me well but did not ask me to pray.

August 17, 1768

1768 August 17 (Wednesday).  I rose early and rode to Sudbury to the Association Fast.  Many attended of Ministers and Candidates, and of the people.  Mr. Loring prayed and Mr. Stone preached a.m. on Heb. 5.12, a very plain, pertinent, useful Sermon; which may God please to bless and prosper!  P.M. Mr. Smith prayed; I endeavoured to preached from Isa. 1.18.  The Lord pardon what was amiss!  Rode back with Mr. Smith, and lodged at his House.

August 21, 1768

1768 August 21 (Sunday).  Preached at Marlborough a. and p.m. on Heb. 4.2.  After the Exercises Mr. Cyprian How carryed me in his Family Carriage, to Mr. Ebenezer Hagars to attend the Funeral of a Second Child which has dyed by Fever and Canker.  Prayed and took leave.  Capt. Ephraim Brigham brought me back in his Chaise to Mr. Smiths.  Conversation was upon the great instability of young Candidates who turn to the episcopal party, and the gross imprudence of Laity of New England occasioned by Mr. Willard Wheelers lately returning from England, and preaching at Hopkinton.  I returned home at Eve, as did Mr. Smith to Marlborough.  His Texts were [blank].

August 26, 1768

1768 August 26 (Friday).  Mr. How, Alex., and Jonathan Maynard at Ministerial Lot a.m. and finish the hewing.  Deacon Wood and Neighbour Newton brought, each of them a Load of the Timber from the ministerial Lot; and dine with me.  My sons with my own Team bring home two more Load, and a small Stock of Oake Boards from Mr. Fessendens, but which I buy of Mr. Levi Warrin.

August 28, 1768

1768 August 28 (Sunday).  Read Jer. 32 and Chose v. 23 to discourse upon, with assistance from sermon on Mat. 20.6 from p. 13 to 16 with omissions and alterations.  Master Jamison dined here.  P.M. read Rom. 5, and preached on v. 1.  Read the Brief for a Contribution to relieve the People of Montreal who were burnt out last April.  Read to the Church the letter from the first Church of Rochester, requesting Assistance in the Ordination of Mr. Moore.  There was a good Majority for it, but Mr. Daniel Forb. said it was needless.  Mr. Batheric much the Same.  Several others did not vote.

August 30, 1768

1768 August 30 (Tuesday).  I was Sorry when informed that the Company were late last night at Deacon Woods.  It is pretended to be excused by Saying that a great Number of Wrestlers from Hopkinton came swaggering and challenging.  Mrs. P________ had the Doctors Chaise and my old Mare; at Sunrise sat out to go to Boston.  Gave her £105 old Tenor.  [Marginal notation: My Barn enlarg’d.]  Messrs. Edwards Whipple and his son Samuel, Zebulon Rice and Rich. Temple, began to frame the designed addition to my Barn.  At 9 a.m. I took the Mare which I am buying of Lt. Baker, and rode to the Burial of Mr. Daniel Miller.  P.M. I rode to Capt. Maynards — visit John, who is still sick.  But though I have been three Times, have not been asked to pray with him.  Had 3 thousand of Shingle Nails of Mrs. Maynard.

August 31, 1768

1768 August 31 (Wednesday).  Rode to Mr. Jonah Warrins and buy of him a parcel of Boards.  Some oak — some pitch pine, amounting to 447: and a parcel of slit work, about 30 feet.  Thence to Forbes’s Saw Mill for more slitwork which I buy of Mr. Zebulon Rice.  They were 80 feet.  Mr. Whipple and son, Mr. Batherick and Rich Temple work at the Frame.  We p.m. 3 or 4 o’Clock Summons Hands to help raise, Mr. Whipple Supposing he shall be ready, and that 14 or 15 Hands can accomplish it.  But we make it night before we begin.  25 persons are waiting — 28 or 29 in all, to entertain; but got the Frame up.