July 20, 1768

1768 July 20 (Wednesday).  Attend the Commencement Exercises.  Dine in the Hall.  Was chiefly at Mr. Moore’s, Sir Sayer’s,[1] where I had besides Dr. Sayer,[2] the Company of Dr. Coffin of Newbury and Eliphalet and Peter Coffin of Exeter — also Mrs. Gilman, Dr. Sayers Sister.  Was also at Sir Ballantine’s etc.  Lodged at Sister Barretts.  Heartily Pity Sister Lydia who has the chief Trouble of tending upon her.

[1]Ebenezer Sayer (1751-1778), Harvard 1768); SHG 17:87-89.

[2]Dr. Joseph Sayer (c. 1706-1774) of Wells, Maine.