July 6, 1768

1768 July 6 (Wednesday).  My Daughter Baldwin leaves usSarah goes with her.  They have my Mare and Dr. Hawes Chaise.  Mr. Isaac Johnson here in his Return from Council at Grafton (or meeting of Churches — for they did not form).  Messrs. Stone, Smith and Steward here in their Return.  They went up yesterday.  These 3 last dined here.  Deacon Wood came here, and proposes to me something relating to his Case — that is to have the Church meet at his House, for him and his wife to offer what may satisfie them — but I Can’t approve of it.  He asks me to advise with Mr. Smith about it — is sorry Mr. Stone is gone.  I consult Mr. Smith accordingly.  At Eve came Mr. Moore who tells me he has given his Answer to Rochester, and that he accepts their Call.