July 13, 1768

1768 July 13 (Wednesday).  Mr. Ballantine leaves us; by him I wrote to Mr. Brown and to my son Alexander concerning my present uncommon Distress, left so Shamefully to look out for help at a Time when we want to use it, and every body may be supposed to be engaged; and besides, must give so much greater Price for Labour.  Enoch indeed works with me Still, mowing, tending, and got in one load of, my Cook Island Clover.  In my perplexity I rode forth in search of Help — To Mr. Ebenezer Maynard and hoped he would get the Hay of the Swamp I bought of him, for part of it in pay — but he could not.  Went to Mr. Hannaniah Parker and got him to ride to Shrewsbury to hire one Jonathan Drury (but this proved in Vain).  Went over to Mrs. Martyns and dined there.  Lay in for a man to serve me a month — use a Variety of Means besides, bespeaking Help if I Should not light of a man.  Mr. Stephen Stimpson of Hopkinton here and informs me of his Kinsman Alexander Stimpson.  Mrs. P________ visits Mrs. Wood.