July 12, 1768

1768 July 12 (Tuesday).  I walked up the Street to Mr. Zebulon Rice’s with a Letter which I received from Dr. John Hill of Boston concerning a sort of fossile which tis Supposed by some is the Cobelt, found in Brookfield.  Went to Deacon Woods — saw his Wife, but not him, though I much desired it, he being too far off; so that though I waited some Time, he came not.  And there was a Woman of his Acquaintance came (Mrs. Whipple, who was Coleman) and took her up.  So that I took leave.  I also expected Company at my House, viz. Mr. Barrett, Wife and son from Leicester — who came p.m. but when I got home, found Mr. Steward and Miss Mary Stone from Marlborough.  They take Sarah into their Company and go over to Mr. Whitneys.  Mr. Barrett etc. after Tea returned home.  At Eve came Mr. Ballantine of Westfield.