February 28, 1765

1765 February 28 (Thursday).  I found that Capt. Dwight had Letters for all the Churches to which the Members of the Council at Cold Spring in the year 1760, belonged, and that he had one for Mr. Stone.  I therefore thought it best to confer with Mr. Stone about it, and therefore rode with Capt. Dwight to Southborough.  But Mr. Stone was gone to preach at Framingham.  We were therefore obliged to go there if we would See him.  We dined at Mr. Bridge’s.  Mr. Stone preached on Luk. 13.34.  O Jerusalem, Jerusalem thou that killest etc.  Came back to Mr. Stones and I lodged there.  Capt. Dwight at Coll. Brighams.  But Coll. Brigham was with us at Mr. Stones in the Eve, when Consulting what to do.