February 1, 1765

1765 February 1 (Friday).  Am desired to go to Mr. Masons Funeral.  Mr. Martyn is Sent for but does not Come.  Mr. David Maynard comes to bring my Horse, and accompany me part of the way.  I dined at Capt. Maynards.  The Carpenters finish there.  Attended and prayed at the Funeral: but did not go to the Grave.  In returning call at Bruce’s and Beetons.  At Neighbour Pratts, who is ill.  Billy and Breck come home from Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Chamberlin endeavoring to break the way out to the great Road, comes with a little wood.  Samuel Brigham rode home with me.  Mr. John Wood here, with his own and wife’s Relations, to be read to the Church.