February 12, 1765

1765 February 12 (Tuesday).  Rode over to John Pratt.  He is still delirious.  Prayed there.  His Case seems hopeless.  I pity my poor Neighbour and his Family.  The Lord be gracious to them.  We are reduced as to wood.  Get Mr. Moses Nurse and Mr. Timothy Warrin to afford a Load apiece, which they bring and send.  Deacon Tainter in his sleigh carrys Sarah and me to Southborough.  Dine at Mr. Stones.  Return at Eve.  John Pratt near his End.  Amasa Maynard came for me.  Went.  Found he was dying.  Prayed and Exhorted.  Left him breathing — but he expired — 27 years old.  My Son Ebenezer and his son Thomas, with Daughter Suse from Brookfield.