March 1, 1765

1765 March 1 (Friday).  Being at Southborough, and Col. Brigham and Capt. Dwight being at Mr. Stones; having heard Captains Story of their Troubles, I wrote a letter which I sent by him to Mr. Eaton of Spencer, another member and Scribe of our Council, to know whether there was not a Vote passed by our then Council, limiting the Time of its Continuance etc.  I return home.  Captain with me and dines here.  P.M. he proceeds on his Journey.  Mr. Daniel Forbes with a Message from Mr. Andrews to know whether I will as was proposed last Summer, lay our Differences before some Men to hear and Judge about them.  I return answer partly by reading my last Letter to Mr. Andrews — and added, that I was heartily for peace any way that was reasonable — that Indeed our Case was altered from what it was; and required now special Care.

March 3, 1765

1765 March 3 (Sunday).  I preached at Southborough on 2 Cor. 4.16 a. and p.m.  Mr. Stone preached for Me on Luk. 12.20 a. and p.m.  A Stormy Day and therefore but few at Meeting.  But at Eve Mr. Stone returned to Southborough, where I lodged.  The Lord bless His holy Word and Ordinances in each Parish for Saving Good!

March 4, 1765

1765 March 4 (Monday).  Returned home.  Called at Mr. Isaac Johnsons and prayed with his bed rid sister in Law.  Sent for more Flax per Mr. Wood, for Mr. Stone.  Prayed at the Town Meeting.  Lt. John Martyn dines here.  Payd Mr. John Wood for his Flax, by a Note to Mr. Gale.  Drew a Number of Notes to Mr. Gale, viz. for Mr. William Morse £5.17.0, Mr. Abraham Bond for 38/.  For Mr. Biglow 13/6.  Master Cushing lodged here.

March 5, 1765

1765 March 5 (Tuesday).  Master to school.  Mr. Artemas Bruce goes with me on the Snow, down to the Meadow to shew his Bounds.  Preached at Mr. Seth Morse’s on Joh. 7.17.  May God Himself add His Special Blessing!  N.B. An Arbitration at Capt. Wood’s on a Difference between Messrs. Timothy Warrin and Jonas Bradish, respecting the Widow Rolfs Cow.

March 6, 1765

1765 March 6 (Wednesday).  Attended the Funeral of another Newborn Child of Francis Whipple, a Daughter.  I wish this repeated Frown of Providence may Suitably affect him that he may be brought to Repentance.  At Evening came Mr. Andrews to See me — and he sat — and we both sat for Some time — with but little Conversation.  At length he desired he might ask me another Question.  He said Mr. Daniel Forb. had told him on Monday that I desired to See him.  I told him Yes — I was willing he should come here — he was welcome — I did not mean to send for him: but should be glad to have him free here.  He Said he was willing to go into the Same way that he had mentioned heretofore (of Some Men to hear us).  I told him I had Met with such Things from him and his Wife, as made me at a loss.  I was not willing to have it like the arbitration yesterday.  He asked why?  (or something like that).  I told him I wanted no such Noise and Rabblement as that was.  But I would not have him think I was afraid to lay it before proper Judges.  He asked who they were?  I answered that the way of Church proceeding was etc. and if the Church did not settle it, then there should be a Council — and if the Affair was with Ministers, then there Should be Ministers.  He said he would never while he lived be out one [rabin?] Penny towards one — and were it not for his Family he would not set his Foot again into that House, pointing to the Meeting House.  He said he did not come to dispute with me — and left me.

March 8, 1765

1765 March 8 (Friday).  Breck cutts Wood at the Island.  Jonas Kenny with him part of the forenoon.  Dines here and works there all the Afternoon.  Mr. Chaplin of Sutton here.  Calls to See me and promote Acquaintance.  He asks me to change with him some time or other.  I told him I know not how to do that.  N.B. I had Spoke freely of Church Government and vindicated Pastoral Authority.  Shewed my Dissatisfaction with the Sutton, and his Proceedings in his Ordination.  But we parted in Peace.  At Eve Brother Hicks from Boston and Cambridge.  N.B. he has been down about 5 Weeks, waiting on the Court about his Land-Bank Affair.  He lodges here.  It looks as if there was great Opposition.  I know not what the Commissioners would say in Vindication of them Selves.

March 9, 1765

1765 March 9 (Saturday).  Brother Hicks goes home.  Breck and John Sled wood in the Morning from the Island.  Deacon Tainter kindly comes with Wood — and then goes to encourage and assist my Sons.  Mr. Hananiah Parker leaves £4.13.4 lawful Money, for Billy.  Dr. Hawes, having visited Neighbour Adam Rice, who has grievously cut his Foot with an Ax, dines here.  Breck a. and p.m. cutting Wood at the Island; and p.m. John helps him.

March 11, 1765

1765  March 11 (Monday).  Capt. Brigham and Mr. Tainter came from the Precinct-Meeting to desire me to go and pray with them, which I did.  After Meeting made a Visit to old Mrs. Woods; and to Neighbour Adam Rice under his Lameness.  At Evening Billy returns from Brookfield, and in a good Measure Succeeded.  Breck cutts wood for me, again at the Island.

March 13, 1765

1765 March 13 (Wednesday).  I complyed with a Request of Mr. Hutchinsons.  Rode to Grafton, dined and preached a Lecture on Ps. 56.12 for the promotion of Early Piety and especially Singing.  Returned at Eve.  Very bad travelling: but especially in the Evening.  A great Favour that I had Lieutenant Harringtons Company: We made a visit to Mr. Moses Brigham who grows worse.

March 14, 1765

1765 March 14 (Thursday).  Master Cushing leaves us and goes to the North End to Deacon Paul Newtons.  Mrs. Maynard dines with us.  Preached on Heb. 12, part of v. 22 and 23.  Deacon Tainter and Mr. Bellows here when Mr. Gale wanted Something to be Said about the Andrews Affair.  Mr. Gale paid me in Cash and Notes £75.6 old Tenor.  Mrs. Maynard and her little Robert Breck, lodge here.  Billy and Breck cut Timber on t’other place, for a Corn Barn.

March 17, 1765

1765 March 17 (Sunday).  Read a.m. Eccl. 4.  Preached a. and p.m. on Isa. XXV.6.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  P.M. read Mark 7.  Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Parker dined here.  At Eve read as usual, after Family Exercises, in Mr. Bolton, ch. 8 and 9, of Part 1 of Sect. 2.  May the Lord add His Blessing to all these means!

March 21, 1765

1765 March 21 (Thursday).  Mr. Nathaniel Ball here with Complaint against Mr. Hutchinsons keeping Such a Number of Schollars.  I advised him rather to use humble, endearing, Mollifying Methods, than to proceed informality [sic].  Mrs. Rolf here.  Catechized at the Meeting House.  A.M. 53 Boys and p.m. 25 Girls.  Mr. Kendal here very poorly with bad Cough, and spitting Blood.

March 22, 1765

1765 March 22 (Friday).  Mr. Grindall Rawson [1](late of Yarmouth) came, and Said he understood I wanted to Speak with him.  N.B. He came from Mr. Stone’s, where was Mr. Smith.  And they (I suppose) Sent him here.  He gave me a Distinct Account of his Troubles with his Wife etc. etc.  He dined here, and it being Stormy, and the Snow prevailing, he lodged here also.

[1]Grindall Rawson (1721-1794; Harvard 1741), SHG 11:58-64.

March 24, 1765

1765 March 24 (Sunday).  A great Storm; but few at meeting — fewer p.m.  Read Eccl. 5.  Preached a. and p.m. on 1 Joh. 5.21.  By reason of the unusual Difficulty of the Season I omitted to Read p.m.  Deacon Tainter, John Maynard, his Brother Antipas, and Timothy Parker dined here.  The Storm prevailed and was impetuous; Timothy Parker tryed to go home, but could not.  He returned here and was obliged to lodge with us — though we are concerned lest his Brother etc. Should think he is overcome by the violent Wind and drifting Snow.  Blessed be God we are in Safety!  May it please Him to Pity all the distressed!

March 26, 1765

1765 March 26 (Tuesday).  Jonathan Batherick here.  Tells me he has got me out 200 Posts and 100 Rails.  I agree to give him Four Dollars for his Work.  P.M. came Mr. Tainter and brought his Wife’s uncle, Mr. Daniel Wood of Somers, who informs me of a wood newly discovered in a Tract of Land in New York Government called the Nine partners, which (wood) will not consume.  That Mr. Andrew Storrs of Somers, and Mr. [blank] Johnson of Wallingford preachers, certifyed him of it; and that it was known and tryed at the College at New Haven.  N.B. In the Evening Mr. Zebulun Rice, Precinct Clerk, brings Me the Book for me to write a Receipt of my having had my sallery of the late Treasurer, Mr. Whitney.  I complyed.

March 28, 1765

1765 March 28 (Thursday).  John went to Mr. Allens and bought another large Fowl 10/.  I went on the Snow to t’other House, viewed the great Pine Tree.  Mr. Beeton urges me to go to Capt. Maynards that the Captain may Satisfy me for the Tree.  I went with him but the Captain is gone a Journey.  Mr. Beeton promises in Mrs. Maynards hearing that if I will let the Tree alone he will assure me two hundred of good Floor Boards — or the Tree and he will be at the Charge of the Team to get it to Mill.  N.B. I told Mr. Beeton in the hearing of Richard Barns junior that I had not sold to Capt. Maynard nor to any man, a passage way through that place to the ministerial Lot (that is, during my Life).  Reckoned with Mr. Beeton and paid him 3.14.0 Old Tenor in full.  Lent my Mare to Mr. Richard Barns, to go to Marlborough.