February 5, 1765

1765 February 5 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter brought a Quarter of Beef which he borrowed of us.  He dined here and carryed me, also Sarah and Sophy to Mr. Jonah Warrins where I preached on Heb. 12.15.  Monsieur Le Blanc attended with us.  N.B. I wrote to Oxenbridge Thatcher Esq. respecting the Time appointed by the Court for the Claimants of Land fallen into New Hampshire: Sent also to Brother Samuel.  Gave the Letters to Mr. Joseph Grout.  But 50£ old Tenor I delivered to Mr. Nathaniel Ball for my Brother from Mr. Forbush.  It being money which I pay him upon my Note to him.  And by this, pay the full of it.