December 25, 1759

1759 December 25 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter, according to his kind offer came with his Sleigh or Whirrey with two Horses, to wait on me and my Daughter Sarah to Marlborough.  But he had the Frenchman Le Blanc, with him to carry him to Marlborough likewise.  We all dined, though late, at Mr. Smiths — and thence rode to Mrs. Woods (Nanny), to Mrs. Speakmans, but no body at home.  We went to Mr. Henry Barns’s.  Sarah delivers Mrs. Barns 8£ old Tenor for a Green Grogram Gown for her Mother.  Mr. Barns is gone to Boston.  Master Wheeler and Mrs. Speakman, old Mrs. Arbuthnot and Mrs. Instant were there.  I borrowed Dr. Moss’s sermons Vol. 1 of Mrs. Speakman: and of Mr. Smith the London Magazine from Oct. 1758 to April last.  N.B. Neither Le Blanc, who went to Marlborough to trade, nor Mrs. Barns who trades with him and many other Customers who come to her shop, keep the Feast of the Nativity as they ought (in my judgment) to do, considering their profession.