December 14, 1759

1759 December 14 (Friday).  Mr. Edwards Whipple brings my Watch from Mr. Peck of Boston and paid him 25/ old Tenor for what he did in cleaning etc.  P.M. Mr. Forb. returned and gave me an Account of poor Mr. Manning.  And find by him that though he has been foolishly free with the woman, yet that he had not lain with her but that She acknowledges to him she is with Child by another Man.  Blessed be God, that He has granted such Measure of His restraining Grace to him!  But alas!  That the poor man has been so left, and so beguiled!  And that there is so great Dishonour to Religion on his Account!  Mr. Forb. takes with him Dr. Edwards Theol. Reform. and Dr. Doddridge’s 6th Vol. of Family Instructor.