December 4, 1759

1759 December 4 (Tuesday).  Notwithstanding the Cold I rode (my Daughter Suse with me) to the Private Meeting at the Widow Forbush’s, and at Old Deacon Forbushs, Request.  There were but few there.  Of men, only the Deacons and Mr. Martyn Pratt; Mr. Israel Walker of Hopkinton fell in also Occasionally.  I preached on Joh. 17.4.  N.B. Mr. Baldwin rode to Rutland and from Shrewsbury wrote me a Comfortable Letter that Billy was at Springfield last Saturday — but Mr. Joseph Chattuck (now of Brookfield, and who had Miss Thankfull Watson with him) by whom the Letter was brought says he is at Brookfield.  N.B. I send my watch by Mr. Chattuck to Mr. Moses Peck.