January 1, 1760

1760 January 1 (Tuesday).  To God be the Glory of His Long Suffering and unmerited Goodness!  That I am preserved through So many and So wonderful Changes!  Particularly of the Last Year, a year of uncommon Tryals.  Besides the Sickness of my Children by the Meazles which came four times into my Family, and my Daughter Sarahs Sickness again, there was my Wife’s deep and Dangerous Sickness, in the former part; and my own in the more advanced part of the Year.  Blessed be God for His Sparing Mercy to all of us who were at home: And to Billy in his safe Return; and that of my two sons in Law, from the Army; But, — alas!  For the holy Frown of divine Providence in the Premature Death of my dear son Thomas!  May God grant me and all that survive, the Grace suitably to improve that Dispensation, and His wonderful Indulgence in allowing us the New Year!  I attended the Private Meeting at Deacon Bonds, and my Daughter Sarah with me.  I preached on 1 Chron. 29.15, latter Clause, delivering 8 Heads of Reflections proper for the New Year; And there was a good Auditory.  The Lord bless it to all of us through Jesus Christ!

January 2, 1760

1760 January 2 (Wednesday).  Visited at Captain Fay’s on account of his little son Stephen’s illness.  A Number of Neighbours were so kind as to come and sled Wood for me, as Some also went to cutting.  Some went to cutting at the Ministerial Lot, viz., Mr. Zebulun Rice, Mr. Ebenezer Rice, Mr. Ebenezer Maynard, and Capt. Wood sent Samuel Lamb.  And Capt. Wood and Adam Rice Sledded from thence 2 Load apiece.  Mr. David Maynard also brought a Load from thence.  Messrs. Joseph Grout, Moses Warrin, Samuel Hardy junior, Elijah and Constantine Hardy and Joseph Green junior went to Mr. Moses Brighams Lot (who gave the Wood).  And Lt. Harrington, Messrs. Daniel Hardy, Phinehas Hardy, Daniel Forb., Edwards Whipple, Moses Brigham, Jonathan Grout Sledded 2 Load apiece — though Some of them brought their first Load from home, of their own wood.  Also Mr. Grow, Daniel Adams, Jonathan Fay, and David Batheric brought each of them one Load from their own Homes.  In all 23 Load to Day.  Those that Eat with us were Capt. Wood, and Adam Rice, Messrs. Phinehas Hardy, Edwards Whipple, Jonathan Grout, Lt. Harrington, Messrs. Daniel Hardy, Daniel Forb., Daniel Adams, Edwards Whipple, David Batherick, Elijah Hardy, Joseph Green junior, Capt. Wood, Mr. Zebulun Rice and Adam Rice.  A Singular Kindness!  May God reward each of them!  N.B. Mr. Bowman keeps School at Mr. Timothy Warrins.  I send Alex and Breck to learn Latin, and Samuel to read.  Billey having gone yesterday and got a large Piece of Timber to make Crooks for a sleigh, hews them.

January 3, 1760

1760 January 3 (Thursday).  Four of my Boys go to school.  [Note: Alexander, b. 17 Feb. 1747; Breck, b. 17 Feb. 1749; Samuel, b. 22 Aug. 1751; John, b. 21 July 1753.]  Billy at work upon the Crooks part of the Day — till he cutts his Leg with an Addze, which takes him off.  Dr. Crosby here, and brings a piece of Beef.  He acquaints me with their Disputes in Shrewsbury about altering their Church Covenant.

January 7, 1760

1760 January 7 (Monday).  Ride with Dr. Crosby in his whirrey to see Mrs. Hannah Forb. (wife of Lt. Thomas).  Hear that Capt. Rolf came home last Saturday night.  Am informed Lt. Holloway died Yesterday morning, about 2 o’Clock.  N.B. Town meeting to call in Town Debts.  I talked with Deacon Livermore, Mr. Nathan Ball, and divers others concerning the Towns Arrears to Me.  Deacon Spoke of my now writing a Line and sending to the Town.  I told him I had done that already Years ago and to no purpose — but if he pleased he might promote this, viz. that the Town appoint a Committee to Settle with me — for let the Account fall how it will, they ought in justice to settle with me, and not oblige me to sue ‘em to a Reckoning.  Every one present thought this was reasonable, and as the Deacon went out of the Door, he promis’d to promote it.  My wife and Billy p.m. Set out for Boston, designing as far as Framingham (Coll. Buckminster) to night.  At Eve Mr. Timothy Warrin Treasurer comes to reckon but comes both unprepared and late — and therefore does nothing.

January 8, 1760

1760 January 8 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter brings me an Horse to wait on me to Lt. Holloways Funeral.  We dine at Mr. Martyns — who tells me he has received a Letter from Sutton, North precinct, to desire Assistance in Council.  At the House of Mourning a great Concourse.  Mr. Martyn prayed.  The deceased was for some time, doubtless the principal [Stud?] in that Society.  May the Death be so sanctifyed to me that I may be truely profited by it!  At Eve Capt. Rolf visits me.  Marryed Seth Gashitt to Anna Warrin.  Omitted that Jonas Child being returned from Still-Water, where he was in the Batteau Bus’ness with Thomas, came to see me a.m.

January 9, 1760

1760 January 9 (Wednesday).  Mr. Edmund Rice came with a Side of Cow Beef which I bought of him.  One Quarter weighed 83, the other 80.  It was not good enough, but I gave him 18d per pound.  Paid him by Note to the Collector Ebenezer Maynard.  Mr. Elijah Rice here and cutt the Beef out for me fit for salting.  At Eve Mr. Welman of Sutton from Mendon — under great Difficultys — his opposing Brethren having Sent out for a Council of 11 Churches.  He lodges here.

January 13, 1760

1760 January 13 (Sunday).  Read Job 5 and Rom. 8.1 to 21.  Preached a. and p.m. on Luk. 2.14.  After sermon was a Contribution for Mr. Jonathan Morse of Shrewsbury.  And admitted Mrs. Joanna Fay into the Church, before the Congregation, having first asked the Church whether they consented to my doing so, for redeeming the Time, for it would be sunsett if I dismissed the Congregation according to Custom.  There was no Objection.  N.B. Dr. Gott dined with us, as did Silas Biglow.

January 14, 1760

1760 January 14 (Monday).  Deacon Tainter came (but without Deacon Bond though both were desired and both consented to) this Morning, to count the Money Collected yesterday.  It amounted to £45.14.1 old Tenor.  With Deacon came his son Bowker and his Cousen Kendall.  This latter (it seems) visits the Widow Forbush.  Mr. John Maynard here, dines with us.  Wants to discourse with me about his wife.  We had a great deal of Time together.  I endeavor to perswade him to a reconciliation; but in Vain.  Mr. Samuel Fay junior here p.m.  He goes over all his Troubles and especially what he has Suffered from Lt. Elizer Rice, till he got into a great Heat, though I patiently heard — but he went away Somewhat Calm.  N.B. Send my watch to Neighbour Barny Newton that he may carry it to Mr. Peck again, with a Letter also to him.  N.B. Kennebeck Meeting at Hopkinton.

January 15, 1760

1760 January 15 (Tuesday).  P.M. made a Visit to Squire Baker.  And retiring with Young Mrs. Baker, at her Request, I went on with my Examination of her.  N.B. Squire Bakers finding fault with Mr. Stoddars Book of the safety of appearing in the Righteousness of Christ; and with Mr. Harveys Meditation on the Tombs; and sells this last, right off, to his Cousen Moses who was there, and ventures far in making a Flourish.

January 16, 1760

1760 January 16 (Wednesday).  Deacon Tainter came with his Whirrey and two Horses to wait on my Wife and me in Visiting the West Neighbourhood and part of Shrewsbury.  We first went to Mr. Samuel Fay’s junior where we dined and Spent some Time.  But no Word of the Difference.  Thence to Mr. Gleasons, then to Lt. Eli’zer Rice, Dr. Crosbys, where we stayed to Tea, and left the Contribution Money for Mr. Jonathan Morse — then to both the Knowltons; to Mr. Gershom Brighams and Mr. Francis Whipples.

January 17, 1760

1760 January 17 (Thursday).  Billy returns to BrookfieldAlex goes with him to Worcester with my mare.  Capt. Wood invites me and my wife to dine at his House with Mr. Barrett and Dr. Wilson.  We went.  Dined well and pleasantly with those Gentlemen, and agree to Change with Mr. Barrett, Next Lords Day come sen’night.  At Eve Mr. Joseph Baker here to be Examined, and went through what I apprehend is necessary.  N.B. having received two of Willisons Sacramental Catechism, from Mr. Winter, let Mr. Baker have One.

January 18, 1760

1760 January 18 (Friday).  At Eve Mr. Richard Kelly (long Kelly) and his son John, who was with my son Thomas at Still Water, are here and make Demands — first 2 Dollars being pay for a new Shirt he says Thomas was buryed in — Next, Twelve Shillings York Money, due from Thomas to one Chesnutt, and from Chesnutt to Kelly.  I defer the payment until I can see Capt. McKeen.

January 21, 1760

1760 January 21 (Monday).  Mr. Beeton puts on my New Latches.  Deacon Tainter brings Artemas Bruce, and we had sent for Neighbour Hezekaih Pratt, to help us kill an Hog — weighed 11 Score and 7 pounds.  At Eve Mrs. Prudence Hardy and her sister Rice of Sutton and her son Asahel, Supped here as did Deacon Tainter who not only killed, but cutt and salted up my Pork.

January 23, 1760

1760 January 23 (Wednesday).  Visited at Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s, his son Joseph being Sick of the long Fever and brought very low.  N.B. he voided by Stool about 2 Quarts of bloody Matter last night in about an Hours time or less.  Dr. Crosby receives the Petition I drew yesterday.  Suse rides (Daniel Hows Horse) to Marlborough to get her black Gown made and tarrys there for it.

January 26, 1760

1760 January 26 (Saturday).  Mr. Fessenden here — brings Heliodorus’s Ethiopic History, and the Court and City Register.  I rode (on a Horse Capt. Wood Supplyed me with) to Hopkinton and dined at Mr. Barretts.  Mr. Barrett rides to Westborough.  No News has transpired from North Sutton — but I am very uneasy by reason of my Fears of what will be the unhappy Event.  But the Lord is at the Head of His Church, and not only most Supremely, but most wisely rules all Things.

January 27, 1760

1760 January 27 (Sunday).  A rainy, Stormy Day; yet a Considerable Congregation (at Hopkinton).  I preached on Rom. 8.28 a. and p.m.  May God Himself add His almighty Blessing!  May I experience it in my own Soul!  That I might have the Evidence of my Effectual Calling and that I may bring forth the genuine Fruit of it!  But alas!  What do I, upon Examination find in my Self!  And what Reason to be deeply humbled before God!  The storm was so great of Wind and Rain, that neither Mr. Barret nor I could return home.  I therefore lodged again there.

January 29, 1760

1760 January 29 (Tuesday).  Exceeding Icy, Slippery and therefore dangerous travelling and my Mare lame yet.  Mr. Forbush from Brookfield and dined here.  P.M. he proceeds upon his Journey to Boston.  N.B. He informs me that the Council last week at Sutton, were very thorow and effectual as to the Dismission of Mr. Wellman; and that he is accordingly dismissed from that people.  He will have great Cause to reflect upon the Advice I have from Time to Time given him, that it would be best for him to remove from them, that Surely it would some time agoe, have been best for him to have asked a Dismission; and Especially presently after our last Council, in May last: when he might have gone well recommended.  For I was fully persuaded he would not be able to stand what would follow if his adversarys Should themselves get a Council.  O Lord how unsearchable are thy Judgments and thy Ways past finding out!  N.B. I began Dr. Thomas Sherlocks Discourses at the Temple Church, having brought ‘em with me from Hopkinton Yesterday.

January 30, 1760

1760 January 30 (Wednesday).  I rode to Worcester to wait upon Judge Chandler for Power of Administration of my son Thomas’s Effects.  I called to see Capt. Allens wife — dined at Mr. Cushings, where were Messrs. Morse and Wellman.  So that we had over the Sutton Affair.  The Church there have dismissed him; 20 Votes against 19.  That is including the Delinquents, or withdrawing members.  Mr. Wellman accompanys me to Worcester.  I put him in mind how much I have wished and how I have repeatedly told him of it, that he had asked a Dismission, when our Council gave a Result.  Coll. Chandler not at home — is at Boston.  Madam Chandler advised to write to him.  After Tea (where our Company was young Dr. William Crawford and two young Ladies with him, besides Mrs. Pain) I complyed — and wrote also to Mr. Forb. at Boston to wait upon the Judge; and wrap up both to Esq. Pain who is there also.  All to be sent per Coll. Gendley as Crawford tells me.  It was a storm of snow and the Roads extremely Slippery, it was also late and against the invitation of Madam Chandler to lodge there, that I Stood along, and got to Mr. Cushings where I lodged.  N.B. Mr. John Greenough schoolmaster, lodges there.  Mr. Fessenden begins to keep School at Mr. Francis Whipples.  Alexander and Breck go.  They are in the Nomenclature.

January 31, 1760

1760 January 31 (Thursday).  The Wind high and Sharp, the Snow blown about so that the Air is at times much filled: Besides the Slipperyness of the Roads.  I ride to Capt. Allens: thence to Capt. Maynards where I dined.  Got home in safety.  To God be Glory!  My Tabernacle also being in Peace.  N.B. Mr. Stone came to see me Yesterday, and dined here.  Last Night Mr. Prentice brought my Watch from Mr. Pecks at Boston.  To Day Mr. Joseph Baker brought me his own and his Wife’s Relation.