December 3, 1759

1759 December 3 (Monday).  It is now so exceeding Cold that I am obliged to give up my Hopes of Masonry in my Kitchin this Season.  Capt. Jonas Brigham, as he is to day, invites me to dine at Capt. Woods where New Commissions are to be given out.  Mr. Martyn and Mr. Smith here, and putting up their Horses here, we all walk up to the place appointed.  We dined there very late.  Mr. Fish and Mr. Hutchinson there.  N.B. Mr. Cushing was not there.  I [craved?], and Mr. Martyn returned.  48 or 49 Commissions were given out.  I desired the Coll. (Artemas Ward Esq.) to apprize the Men beforehand, of what the Oaths were they were going to take, and if they did not understand the Expressions used, they might have the Opportunity to Enquire into the Meaning of them.  He was So good as to comply with this.  The Oaths were first read over: and then he told them that if there was any one that was in any Difficulty about what was contained therein or the Phrases used, he might have it explained to him.  He said there were Gentlemen present that were able to do it.  But no body Answered — so that the Oaths were administered.  N.B. I delivered my Hatt to Capt. Wood to keep and safely deliver to me again — but somebody took it away and I wore Capt. Woods Home.  N.B. Mr. Fish and Maj. Spring give me the sorrowful Confirmations of the unhappy Fall of poor Mr. Manning at Uxbridge.  Deacon Tainter Two Loads of Wood.