December 8, 1759

1759 December 8 (Saturday).  Mr. Timothy Warrin a Load of Wood a.m.  Mr. Tainter another p.m.  We have thirteen in Family — and no Beef provided nor brought in except a piece Mr. Hezekiah Pratt brings to roast (he says) for Billys coming home.  Our Cows give but little Milk.  No body engages to get my Wood.  Nor have we any Tallow.  My Wife sends to Capt. Fays Wife to spare her some (for money) and she sends her an handsome present of Beef, Sewet, Tallow and a Cheese.  Nor am I out of Hopes respecting other needed Articles, Since I am in the Hands of a carefull, Watchfull, faithfull, and bountful Providence.  Only the Lord grant me the Faith to live to and upon Him; to hope and Trust in Him as I ought to do!