July 29, 1757

1757 July 29 (Friday).  Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt brought home a Load of Hay from Ministerial Meadow.  Mr. Twitchell worked for Neighbour Eliezer to pay for his work with his Team Yesterday in Carting home Hay.  Amon did not work but Mr. Twitchell work for me at Neighbour Eliezer Rice’s, in pay for his Carting Hay.  At Leominster the Business was to form and publish the Result of the Council, the principal Difficulty and weight of which work unavoidably lay upon me: but Mr. Wigglesworth wrote the preamble, and the Advice part, Mr. Pemberton the Exhortations.  I was So early and closely applyed to it, Obliged to forego dining with the rest; that I could not well stand it: however there was much pains taken to Support and strengthen me.  It was 3 or 4 o’Clock p.m. before we could go to the Meeting House.  Mr. Marsh of Narragansett No. 2 and Coll. White, as we were riding to it, affirmed they heard no Such Question put to Mr. Rogers last Tuesday, as our committee affirm, respecting his joining in Calling a mutual Council, and yet they were (they said) in the room all the time (said Committee were there; and close by them when they Spake to Mr. R.).  When we came into the Meeting House, there was handed to the Moderator by Mr. Smith of Marlborough a Letter from Mr. Rogers, in which he affirms he heard not the Question put by the Committee whether he would join etc. in calling a mutual Council?  The moderator called upon the Committee to testify; and they did So, in the face of the Assembly.  I also read what they Signed as attesting in our minutes.  In brief, it was conceived that this Letter was come utterly too late, and we could not but look upon it as with an ill design, Seeing that Mr. R. had been, we have reason to think, informed that this was our apprehension, Some time ago; and therefore if he was o’ mind to do any good by Such a Letter to us, he would not have deferred sending it till all our work was done but publishing it.  The Result was therefore read, and Mr. Pemberton prayed, after which the Council was adjourned without Day.  Esquire Baker and Mr. Whitney accompanyed me to Dr. Stanton Prentice’s in Lancaster.  There we sat out after Sunsett and rode home by Moon Light — got here between 12 and 1, safe by the Blessing of God.