July 15, 1757

1757 July 15 (Friday).  A.M. Amon mowed to make up for the lost time by the Rain on the 12th p.m.  At noon he was not well and went home.  Mr. Forb. of Brookfield came from Cambridge.  He dined here: tells me there is no Commencement this Year but the Degrees are given in private.  He goes to his Fathers and designs to go as far on his Journey tonight as Worcester.  N.B. Mrs. Hammond Visits me; and is so indisposed here that I don’t know what to make of it.  She asks to be allowed to partake at the Lords Table tomorrow — this Surprizes me.  I ask her to wave it for this Time, because She is Such a Stranger to me.  It proves very rainy.  My little matter of Hay is out in the Wet.  4 or 5 Cocks made up.  The rest was mowed this morning.  Mr. Hammond came for his Wife at Eve.