July 21, 1757

1757 July 21 (Thursday).  Mr. Barrett and I walked up to Capt. Woods, where I left him.  Capt. Wood kindly lent me his Team to get in Hay and Rie.  Amon, and Adam Rice worked here.  They got in two Jaggs of Hay – and having finished reaping the Orchard they bound and got that in — nigh 3 shock of it — and they began to reap the field behind the Meeting House.  N.B. received a Letter from Mr. Stone by Coll. Ward — reprehending for not designing to go to Leominster Council, whereas I told Mr. Carter I could not — and therefore they ought not to have sent to us.  Wrote an Answer to it.  Am greatly rejoiced on Account of the divine Favour in bringing the British Fleet safe to Halifax.