July 26, 1757

1757 July 26 (Tuesday).  We got to Leominster, to Mr. Oliver Carters, the House appointed for the Entertainment of the Council.  And there met fourteen Churches by their Ministers and Delegates; and of the Church of Groton by their Delegates: in all, 15 Churches.  The Church in the North part of Westborough did not Send at all: for Mr. Martyns going to Concord was a prevention of it.  Before even the Churches proceeded to form into a Council it was Strenuously moved by me, and Some Others that a Message might be Sent to Mr. Rogers to See whether he would join with his Brethren in laying their Difficulty before us: and I apprehend it would have been happy if this had succeeded, or if he had been at this time Sollicited to join in choosing a mutual Council.  But it was more successfully pushed to form.  Accordingly we formed — and then it was again moved to send to Mr. Rogers.  A Committee was appointed and went — but brought back the sorrowful return, of refusal.  I, with 17 more lodged at Mr. Carters.  Amon and Twitchell mowed and raked in the Ministerial Meadow; Alex and Breck also there p.m.