July 17, 1757

1757 July 17 (Sunday).  Read 2 K. 21.  Preached on 1 Cor. 10.4, last Clause.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  P.M. read Mark 14 to v. 27.  I had exerted my Self in the forenoon So as to deliver all I had prepared (though it was I think somewhat above an Hour).  Therefore I repeated sermon on Isa. 40.8 which I had delivered nigh 20 Years ago — but now with Some Omissions, Additions and Alterations.  N.B. Stopped the Church and read a Letter from aggrieved Brethren of the Church in Leominster, desiring our Assistance in Council on the 26th of this Month.  I left it to the Churchs Consideration.