July 27, 1757

1757 July 27 (Wednesday).  Had the publick Hearing.  Rev. Mr. Wigglesworth prayed publickly.  Mr. R’s adhering Brethren came: one Mr. Colbourn principal.  Dr. Peabody, and Mr. Nathaniel Rogers (though members Otherwhere) appeared for him also.  N.B. Their Unhandsome Letter to the Council.  When the Assembly broke up I would have gone to Mr. Rogers’s to see him and his Wife etc. but when I came out into the Evening Air, having no Jacket on, it was too cold for me and I was forced to return to Mr. Carters, where I lodged.  Amon and Mr. Twitchell at the Meadow.  Mr. Zebulon Rice p.m. is here reaping.  Jo-Ben Rice also reaped p.m.