October 28, 1756

1756 October 28 (Thursday).  N.B. Mr. Daniel Stone in trouble, on account of my Son Thomas who had sued him for a Debt of his sons which he had undertaken to pay, but neglected.  Fast at Southborough.  Mr. Stone had Sent Mr. Ephraim Woods to me to assist him; but it proved so rainy that (under my indispositions especially) I could not venture to go in the morning.  After 11 a.m. it held up so that though Cloudy and lowery, I rode there.  Mr. Stone had prayed and Mr. Smith preached a.m.  P.M. Mr. Bridge prayed and I preached the Same Text as Yesterday, viz. 1 Sam. 4.22.  May it be accompanyed with the Divine Blessing; especially into my own Soul!  That I may be duely concerned for the Ark of God, the Signs and Tokens of the divine Presence among us; that I may be humbled for the Hand I my Self have had (which has been alas!  not small) in provoking the Lord’s Displeasure against His People and that I may do my Utmost to prevent the Glory departing from us!


N.B. Mr. Stone, when I returned to his House, in Conformity to one Head in the Discourse (he said), viz. concerning Brotherly Admonition gave me his fraternal Correction, for stopping to Speak with Some Persons near the Meeting House after the Exercise was over, which I gave him an account of — Scil: that it was to Enquire how my Wife’s Nephew, Dr. Gott, did; we having heard that he was dangerously sick at Marlborough and my wife was greatly concerned about him, so that She had been endeavoring for some time to go and see him, but she had been prevented by the Sickness of Several of our own Children and Several Other Things that had occurred.  This Enquiry was made by me of Mrs. Susanna Gleson who had been nursing Dr. Gott and was lately come from him.  The Other person I Spoke to was Old Mrs. Phillips who stopped me as I passed along, She being glad to see me abroad again, and wanted also to Enquire of me concerning her Children who dwell among us.  When I gave Mr. Stone this Account he said he was Satisfied as to this.


In returning home I was detained some time at Bruce’s by a Storm of Rain, Thunder and Wind.  N.B. Mr. Huston, a preacher, was there.  When it cleared up I came home, though late, in safety.  D.G.