October 12, 1756

1756 October 12 (Tuesday).  Capt. Baldwin to Boston.  Mr. Snow makes Window Frames for the Kitchin.  Deacon Kimbal works for me: plaisters in the Cieling [sic] of my West-Chamber, Entry and part of Stair Case.  Attended the Funerals of Mr. John Rogers and Mr. Bathericks Daughter.  They had appointed the Same time of Day, and therefore met at Mr. Rolfs and I prayed with them both there.  At Night Mr. Grout being very ill, Sent for me.  I went: it was between 9 and 10.  Found him but poorly able to converse: tarryed there till between 12 and 1 and then took leave — lodged at Mr. Moses Brigham.  N.B. John is ill; Lucy not well.  Brother Harrington here at Eve.