September 1, 1756

1756 September 1 (Wednesday).  Neighbour Barnabas Newton breaks up a Field on the South of the Road before my House.  Mr. Daniel Forb. brings large Stones and lays, in part, my Kitchin Hearth.  He dines with us.  As does Mr. Webb of Uxbridge who is returning home from Mr. Stone’s; he being one of those concerned in the Woodstock Affair.  I consult him about my Wild Piony Remedy.

September 2, 1756

1756 September 2 (Thursday).  A Frost last night; but don’t See that it has done any hurt.  Mr. Forbush does not come to finish my Hearth, it being private Meeting at his House.  Sorrowful News that Oswego is taken, and Consequently both a great Interest lost, and the Enemy exceedingly strengthened.  The Lord look upon His people in much Mercy under this Sore Rebuke!  And may we be prepared for what God will do next!  And Sad News of one Harrington, his Stabbing Larnard at Watertown.  God be praised for restraining Grace to Me and Mine!

September 3, 1756

1756 September 3 (Friday).  I remain for Some Days in much the Same State of Body.  Pained in my Right Shoulder and Right Hand, when I go to use them and my Hand remains Swelled.  My Knees also are feeble when I go up Stairs or down.  I beg Grace patiently to wait the Will of God as to my Perfect Recovery.  Perfect Recovery!  Then the Soul will be restored, which may God of His infinite Mercy grant!  My Daughter in Law dines here, and She brings little Ebenezer and Molly.  Young Larnard, Stabbed by Harrington the Night before last, is dead and Harrington committed.  Billy begins to cutt Stalks, afraid lest the Frost Should spoil ‘em.

September 4, 1756

1756 September 4 (Saturday).  Mr. Reddington of Toland, on his Journey from Haverhil gives me a melancholy Account of the Condition of Coll. Saltonstall, with Reference to his Estate, Disease, Reputation, etc.  Rev. Mr. Campbell of Oxford calls to See me and dines.  Mr. Daniel Forb. brings more stones and finishes the Hearth.  We have confirmations of the taking Oswego, and also of Port Mahon.  May God look down upon His own Cause and People and appear for them in His own Time and Way — but it is now exceeding Dark and Gloomy!

September 5, 1756

1756 September 5 (Sunday).  I have taken a late Cold and am much oppressed with it: was full of Hopes through the Week, of Preaching to Day, and therefore was fully prepared, as to Sermons composed; but now when the Day is come am so hoarse, and many ways so indisposed that I was all the Morning in great Concern what to do — till Mr. Cushing (So God was pleased in his good Providence to Order it) appeared in Sight — for he having got Mr. Crawford to preach for him, was come to help me; for which I was heartily thankfull.  He preached a.m. on Joh. 15.14.  P.M. on 1 Pet. 4.18.  At Eve he returned home, purposing to visit Mr. Edward Wilson in his Way, Mr. W. being dangerously sick.

September 7, 1756

1756 September 7 (Tuesday).  I rode down to See Mr. Stone, and dined there.  He was engaged in the difficult Affair of digging his Well deeper: had Mr. Boynes, who was blowing the Rocks.  N.B. I returned by Mr. Snows whom I want to have work at my Kitchin, to finish the Outside at least, which is not yet done: he was not at home.  I returned at Eve.  N.B. my Chair being much disabled, I asked Mr. Stone for his (who consented) for my Wife to go to Boston.

September 9, 1756

1756 September 9 (Thursday).  Mr. Smith here and dines with us.  He comes to Speak to me about my wifes going to Boston that if She does not go next week nor the week after, he may have Mr. Stones Chair, the Body of it, to go to Cape Ann: This we consent to (if he will return (Providence favoring) So as that She may go the beginning of the Subsequent).  But if he shall be prevented by Providence returning as he proposes, then he would have me hire a Chair in Marlborough which he will pay for.  He particularly Mentions Capt. Joseph Hows.

September 10, 1756

1756 September 10 (Friday).  Mr. Moses Twitchell with Micah Holbrook, to help him comes to finish the Clearing (the Cutting down) which he undertook to do last spring, but did not accomplish it.  I was not pleased with his letting it alone till this time of the Year: it being very opposite to my agreement with him.  Mr. Hutchinson Sends me a Letter that he purposes to help me next Lords Day — and writes the Sum of the Matter on the outside of it.

September 12, 1756

1756 September 12 (Sunday).  Mr. Hutchinsons Pulpit Supplyed by Sir Crawford, he comes to my help as he had writ but he lodged at Esq. Bakers last night and came here in the Morning.  I went to meeting.  Mr. Hutchinson preached a.m. from Eph. 1.7.8, p.m. from Heb. 5.9.  After Sermon I appointed the Next Sabbath to be the Time for a Contribution for the Relief of Jotham Death of Poqueoge.  Mr. Hutchinson returned to Esq. Bakers at Eve, in order to his going home.

September 14, 1756

1756 September 14 (Tuesday).  A great Frost last Night.  A.M. at the Funeral of Mr. Eliphalet Adams’s Child; P.M. at the Burying of Lt. Maynards little Negro Boy.  At Each House another Child is taken with the Distemper, and we have great reason to fear its Spreading.  It is very Mortal in Holden, Chauxit etc.  May the Lord fit and prepare us for His sovereign Pleasure!

September 17, 1756

1756 September 17 (Friday).  The Frost having in some Measure seized my Corn, Billy (agreeable to the practice which some of the Neighbours go into) stripps down the Husks, as it stands in the Field.  Ebenezer Rice junior helps him.  Thomas so riggs up the Chair that my Wife and I ride to Marlborough.  Dined at Esq. Brighams — and then Visited the late Doctors Widow who has but newly lain in.  We returned safe at Eve.

September 19, 1756

1756 September 19 (Sunday).  I not only went to Meeting, but preached both parts of the Day (but did not read publickly).  Text Prov. 3.17 a. and p.m.  Contribution for Mr. Jotham Death.  N.B. Mr. Noah How’s youngest Child lies dead.  Lt. Stephen Maynard came in the morning Early to request me to go to their House, two of their Children being very bad, Stephen (of about 9) and Josiah (of [blank] Months).  I went accordingly.  The Youngest (Josiah) ceased to breathe just as we concluded prayer.  The Other departed about 2 p.m.

September 20, 1756

1756 September 20 (Monday).  A.M. was at the Burial of Mr. Noah How’s Child, which was at the Middle Burying-place.  Notwithstanding this I dined at Home and p.m. took my wife up into the Chair and attended the Funerals of Lt. Maynards Children; both buryed in one Grave and in one Coffin.  A very sorrowful Time, and This especially an affecting Spectacle!  N.B. I was invited by Deacon Forbush to the Raising of his saw-Mill, but Providence called me to other Work!

September 21, 1756

1756 September 21 (Tuesday).  Billy gathers part of the Island Corn.  Nathan Kenny helped him p.m.  We were obliged to gather it because of the Hoggs invading it.  N.B. I visited Old Mr. Maynard, who is not well and I took Opportunity of discharging my Duty to his Daughter Mercy, who, though unmarried, is big with Child.  I also visited Mr. David Maynard junior’s Wife who has been for Some time drooping, and in some Spiritual Exercises.

September 22, 1756

1756 September 22 (Wednesday).  I wrote to Mr. Martyn last Monday to come and preach my Lecture for me, and I looked [illegible] for him and his wife but neither of them came.  I was obliged to preach my self.  Text was Mat. 12.20.  After Lecture the Deacons came to [my Hou?]se, and we counted the Money collected last Lords Day for Mr. Jotham Death of Poquaog, and it appeared to be £12.13.4 old Tenor.  Billy gathered the rest of the Corn at the Island.

September 27, 1756

1756 September 27 (Monday).  In the morning Lt. Maynard came in haste to desire me to visit his Father who grows worse.  I Soon went; and found, alas!  that he was in a very low Condition, and it was very doubtful whether he would Recover.  He had his Reason in a Considerable Measure while I was there, and freely and bitterly lamented his Neglect of attending on the Lords Table: He Said if it Should please God to recover him, he would by no means neglect it any longer.  He desired me to pray to God for him, that in a Special Manner He would please to forgive that Sin.  I left him for a while, and visited Mr. Noah Hows and a Daughter of Mr. Warrin over the River who were sick also, and prayed with them, after which I returned to Capt. Maynards.  Doctor Crosby being with me and we both of us dined there.  I perceived that the Captain was altered, but, having his Reason, I conversed with him again.  The Doctor Said that for his part, he thought he was irrecoverable and that Death had seized him; I therefore went to him again and acquainted him with what the Doctor judged etc.  He said it did not strike him with so great Fear as might be thought, for he [torn] apprehensive of it and looking for it.  He desired me to offer up a short prayer before I left him.  We prayed and I took my final Leave of this old, and generous, Bountifull Friend.  I then went to see his Aged Uncle, who is grown weak and low; having prayed with him I returned home.  In the Evening finished and settled with Deacon Forbush and gave him a Receipt in full.

September 28, 1756

1756 September 28 (Tuesday).  My Wife would have gone to Boston, but little Sophy was not well.  I visited at Mr. Ebenezer Forb., his Son Ebenezer being ill.  I went also to See Neighbour John Rogers who is sick.  Prayed at Each of those Houses.  Mr. Ephraim Bruce having 2 Children Sick I next went there — dined with them and Proceeded to the Burial of Mr. Timothy Warrins youngest Child which dy’d yesterday.  Divers others of his Children are sick — likewise his Brother Daniel’s wife and one of their Daughters.  After the Burying I visited Mr. Daniel Adams’s son that is Sick and prayed with them.  N.B. Capt. Maynard dyed last Evening about 8 o’Clock.

September 29, 1756

1756 September 29 (Wednesday).  Capt. Maynards Funeral.  Mr. Martyn was there with me — and from thence came to our House.  My Wife and Billy in the Chair to Marlborough (having left little Sophy at Ebenezers, his wife to suckle her, and Sarah to tend her) in order to her going to Boston.  The Death of Capt. Maynard is on many accounts a great Loss; but especially to poor people.  May God raise up Charitable and Beneficent ones in his Stead!

September 30, 1756

1756 September 30 (Thursday).  Visited Neighbour John Rogers again who is very ill.  Went also to See Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s little son again, who remains very low.  The Sorrowful News from the Army is confirmed, of the multitudes which have dyed by Sickness, and of the great Slaughter made lately by the Indians upon a Scout of our Men that were going from one fort to t’other.  We hear that they consisted of 44 or 5; and all were shot down but 4, who escaped to the Fort.  May God awaken us under Such repeated and heavy Frowns!