October 7, 1756

1756 October 7 (Thursday).  Early in the Morning walked to Mr. Daniel Adams’s to See his son, being in a very low and dangerous State.  Mrs. Rebec. Warrin here, and dined with us.  P.M. attended the Funeral of two of Mr. Daniel Warrins Children (of the other Precinct).  The Children were Daniel of about 6, and Asaph, of about 2.  After waiting upon that Duty I turned in to Mr. Noah How’s to see his Wife who is yet alive.  I endeavoured her instruction and Edification by the most Seasonable Discourse I could think of, as also of those who were in the room besides  but when I put Some Questions to her that were very close and trying (indeed whether they were the Closeness of those or no that caused her to say so, I cant tell) she said, my Discourse worryed her desperately.  Upon this I desisted and bid her farewell, nor did either of them ask me to pray with them.  This was to my great Grief, as I never expect to See her alive again.


A Number of Persons, about 32, came and husked out my West Field of Corn, and that by the Barn.  My son Thomas helped me Yesterday and to Day in Cutting it up and gathering it into Heaps.  Mr. Alph. Newton likewise assisted part of p.m. and Mr. Moses Nurse in the Evening got his Team, and by the help of Some of the Hands brought in what was not carted in the Day.  Lt. Tainter and his son, Deacon Bond, Mr. Jonah Warrin, Mr. Eliezer Rice were part of the Company.  N.B. News of a great multitude of French and Indians consisting of many thousands, coming against our Forts and Frontiers.